Leslie’s dedication to health and to her clients is amazing. Kinetic - fitness through food

“Leslie offers a refreshing perspective on successfully dealing with the challenges life presents us however difficult, daunting, and insurmountable they may appear to be.”
~David Wilmot, Chair, TEC Canada


If you’re like many people, your list of reasons for not taking better care of yourself has gotten longer as life has gotten busier. And, if you’re like many people, you want to change this. You’re just not sure how. Maybe you long to finally achieve set-aside goals. Or, perhaps, you just want to live an overall healthier lifestyle.

In addition to the challenges of nutrition and fitness, not setting strong yet respectful boundaries (in your personal and/or professional life) might be contributing to your stress and poor health habits. Leslie’s new book “Say Yes to Saying NO: Set Your Boundaries For Success”, her public speaking presentations, or her workshops/seminars will inspire you to develop new ways of enjoying relationships and better health.

Whatever taking better care of yourself looks like to you, Leslie Fierling’s services can help.